Equine influenza (flu) - Oise (60) - France - 2009-04-07

La grippe est la maladie respiratoire virale la plus contagieuse chez les équidés. Elle atteint les chevaux, ânes et animaux issus de leurs croisements.

Information collected

related to the alert
Disease Equine influenza (flu)
Number of positive cases (in this outbreak) 1
Confirmation date 2009-04-07
Sample type Nasopharyngeal swab
Diagnosis (laboratory) PCR
Breed French saddlebred
Gender Female
Age 6 years
Symptoms hyperthermia, cough, nasal discharge
Start date 2009-04-03
Vaccination Yes
Total affected 3
Total number 35
Source LABEO Laboratory (Frank Duncombe - 14)

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